Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Miss you Badger

This is Badger
i just found out that Badger was put down a couple of days ago. He was 28 and had problems keeping weight on (lack of teeth). His owner was thinking of putting him down anyway but had trouble actually making the call, but a couple days ago he fell and fractured his leg. Badger was a showjumper and routinely jumped over 4 feet (before he was retired) and got his name because he was as stubborn as a Badger. All he could eat for the past few months was mushed up senior feed and we had to give him an entire bucket full of it. Badger stayed in the mare pasture and had his girlfriends (indie, Vacara, and prissy) to keep him company. He was the horse that little kids when they came with their parents would pet. He was a really good boy and will be sorely missed. Love you Badger.


wilsonc said...

So sorry to hear about Badger. Hopefully, now he is in a better place (hard to imagine with all those girlfriends) and has a nice set of teeth capable of eating whatever he wants without losing or putting on too much weight.

Paigeley said...

thanks, we really miss him (girlfriends included)
i hope he's got some nice teeth up there :)