Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun Fact of The Day

Its official..... India is sacred.

Well to the Native Americans anyway, apparently she'd be an awesome war horse. Although you'd never know it when she's attacked by an evil sinister plastic bag.....
But she has what they call Shields, one is the spot on her chest because it covers the whole chest area. The other is the two matching spots on both flanks. They are supposed to protect the horse from enemies. The other interesting spot is the one where the rider sits, its supposed to not let the rider fall off. The only two marks of a sacred horse she's missing is the medicine hat and a bear claw. However its apparently really lucky to have as many as she does!

So from now on you may all refer to India as a "Sacred Native War Dutch Sport Pony" or "India, sacred bane of plastic bags"



buckpony said...

Cool post! How'd you find out what the paint horse's spots mean? I've heard of the medicine hat paints being sacred, but I was not aware of the meaning of the other markings. Very interesting!

Did you guys attend PC Championships this year?

Merideth said...

I found it on a website :)

no i decided to focus on getting my bronze medal instead :)

buckpony said...

It would be neat to know what the spots mean. :)

Well, that is fantastic! Please keep us posted on your progress!!

Cricket said...

Medicine Hat horse! Best book to read about them (fiction) is the Medicine Hat Stallion by Marguerite Henry. Sweet that you are riding one. She will keep you safe. Good luck with your dressage!