Sunday, October 30, 2011


Pony says "please excuse my human, I'm doing my best to train her to update my blog more, but she is a very slow learner.....poor thing"

Well India pants has been super fabulous as of late, second level is coming along nicely we are even starting on third level -insert girly squeal here-
She can now half-pass from the rail to center line at walk and to about quarter line at trot, and even take a couple steps at canter. But the big news is collected canter which before about two weeks ago was dismal. I've been really cracking down on my own riding and getting me right before i ask her for anything, and boy has it made a difference! She's getting to the point where i can baby collect her the entire time and can do about a third of a circle of super collected canter with varying degrees of collected canter in between. She finally figured out what i wanted was for her to bring her shoulders up and bend her hocks more, not just go slower and then race off afterwards. So now comes my favorite part...Strength Training!! Where i get to do lots and lots of transitions >:)
Canter-walk, canter-halt, halt-canter, walk-canter cant wait!!

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