Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is Coming!!

Which means Christmas break!! can't wait!!
i will get to actually ride more than twice a week. seriously cant wait.
Exams = riding  Death
so in the meantime......

Christmas List     >:)

Patent Leather Double Bridle
no idea how i'd keep that clean...

Wintec jumping saddle
cause their easy to keep clean
Bell Boots
mine are about to bite the dust
White Polo Wraps
so we can look classy :)

And Good Weather

Repeat after me: "ahhhhhh beach.....*sigh*"


Dressager said...

I put so much Kensington SmartPink Plaid stuff on my list I think everyone in the entire family will be seeing pink for years. And then I also included a catch-all category of nonsensical college necessities. Because I'm a semi-responsible older adolescent who puts pink pony products over college. Of course.

And seriously, that bridle = WIN
Keeping it clean and patent = lots of polishing with pantyhose, I kid you not.

Paigley said...

honestly if i got that bridle i'd probably sit in front of the tv for hours polishing it and drooling over it XD
i don't care what other people say
itsss sooo purddyyyy

Anonymous said...

Paigley! Just say NO to the bridle! It is all the fad here in the show ring and I am just NOT a fan. Some of the Jr/Yr girls had it.


Paigley said...

but its soo shiny!!!! i. am. weak.