Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Life says Go

WARNING This post  has toxic levels of mushy lovey dovey stuff  WARNING

Sometimes God holds you back, like collected trot and keeps saying "more energy, okay a little less now, sit on your haunches, more energy" He keeps you in one spot gearing you up towards the future. And then at one point in your life, or multiple times in your life depending on who you are, He says Go.
He lets you loose to wreck havoc on dressage shows, BMX tracks, football stadiums, whatever you love.
Like collected trot and extended trot. "sit on your haunches, more energy, sit more......now show them what you got" I feel like God has started to let me loose, and India has started to show everyone what she's got. Just the other day my non-horsey dad told me that he never thought me and indie would ever show first level, he didn't think indie was capable of it. He used to call her the little pony, now he calls her the horse. Our first time at first level we dominated, no one, not even the training level freestyles came close to our freestyle score. Our first time at first level we did test two and four, factor in the points i lost for talking in test two and we would have made a 61%  in test four we made a 62%.  The freestyle made a 69%.

A couple weeks before my trainer told me we couldn't break 60%.

On the way back from that show my mom looked at me and said "you proved yourself, you proved that i can teach, and you proved india is cut out for this"

A couple days ago India took two steps of half-pass, we've never worked on half-pass.
two days ago she took two more.
Yesterday she gave me collected trot...and canter.
The best i've ever felt, on any horse.

He's been gearing us up

Now its time to go.


sarah catherine said...

i like the fact that i took this picture. YOU AND INDIE MAKE ME SO HAPPY :D

Dressager said...

Let 'er rip!!! That is so cool.

Paigley said...

i think those pictures should go into your portfolio :)

Paigley said...

thanks ms. greta's mom ;)