Monday, May 31, 2010

Dressage Rally!!

Was so much fun!!
So everything goes well at jog outs and then i go to my formal and the person says "oh your a B so do your formal" my heart stops because i have no idea what she's talking about, do my formal?? I then tell her that i am in fact not a B but a D3 (for those of you not in pony club, a B is the second highest rating one can achieve a D is the lowest. the ratings go like this D1, D2, D3, C1, C2, C3, B1, B2, A, i think thats how it goes if i need correcting please dont hesitate)
then they kept insisting that i was a B and i couldn't possibly be a D3, i then show them my nametag and armband where it clearly states that i am in fact a D3. Disaster averted they then got the right sheet and i didn't fail my formal :)
The first ride was first level test two and i was really nervous and i guess indie picked up on it and spooked at M, i forgot that one is not to speak during a dressage test, i might have called my horse an ass in front of the judge.

My Bad.

the rest of the test was very nice though and i pulled a 57% out of a hat.
The second test  was first level test four and this one went much much better. I rode my guts out pretty much nailed everything except for one simple change, i didn't shift her ribcage over enough and she picked up the wrong lead we got the correct lead back though in only about two or three strides, yeah!!
And my first halt in that test got a 10. a 10!!! OMG!! i was pretty excited :)
that test i got a 62% pretty good for our first show at first level, if i say so myself!!

Then on sunday the freestyle. I did a latin themed freestlye that had Mambo #5, Hips don't lie, and Cafe by the Sea, all instrumental. For this i got a 69%. The judges loved it!! the lowest score we got for it was a 6.5. I found out that i love doing freestyles if you ever get the chance to do one go for it!! and i would show everyone a video but four people tried to film it and all of their cameras died almost at the same time, i guess it was not meant to be. Poop. oh well i get to do it again in virginia..
even though i was the only one trying to qualify at first level, that doesn't matter because i still qualified and got the highest freestyle score out of everyone.

now i'm off to sleep for the next two weeks, Goodnight!


Dressager said...


Paigley said...

thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats girlfriend! :D So happy to hear that you rocked it out!

I would love to know where you found your freestyle music at though! :D

Meghan said...

ROTFL @ forgetting the no voice rule and calling your horse an ass in front of the judge! That is absolutely hilarious. xD

gina taylor, OT said...

Great music- I would love to do a freestyle someday with my mare!

Paigley said...

haha!! thanks stef!!
what we did was just went through all our cds and music and sat next to the computer with videos of indie walking trotting and cantering, everytime i found a song i liked i checked it with her gaits, most people pick music they like but doesn't fit the horse, its all about fitting the horse, then we gave the music to mr bob and he put it together.

Paigley said...

meghan: yeaah the judge thought it was pretty funny too xD she still took points off though even after we bribed her with brownies!!