Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog Award

Wow i got the beautiful blogger award from confessions of a struggling dressage rider, can i just say thank you so much!!

So seven things about me
1: my theme song is All the single ladies, for a reason, i'm single and proud

2: i got india for christmas, big red bow and everything (thanks mom and dad)

3: I used to own a dressage farm, it wasn't fancy but i loved it.

4: i love music, and i listen to a bunch of random songs, i don't have a genre

5: i have a wintec isabel and i love it, me and my mom fight over which one of our saddles is better, don't tell her, but mine wins hands down

6: My favorite drink is dr. pepper

7: one of my nicknames is pinto bean, and my best friend's is soy bean, because we're cool like that :)

ok now i'm gonna give this award to some pretty amazing people 
Foxypants (because this chick is hilarious) 
Saving Faith
A day in the Life
Grand Prix Someday 


Anonymous said...

Aw thank you for the lovely award! You are too sweet.

The pictures from the clinic look super - I am glad you had such a good ride! We need to plan a show to meet each other at girlfriend!

Paigeley said...

haha yes we do!!
the only problem is we don't have a trailer because the bad ms. roxanna had to go and get her butt kicked by hoken thorn because she scared her second trainer, so i'm kind of limited to shows in my state right now