Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cantersss.........THEN WALK!!!

i had a lesson today with awesome trainer (that should be her official name) who is going to be giving clinics at my barn :D once a month and guess who's the ideal demo rider......oh yeah!!
although that might be because awesome trainer is also my madre....but whateva
and we might be putting on a dressage show some time (i personally think we should name it after India.....but that's my thought). I'm really excited this would be the first dressage show ever at a mainly western/hunter jumper barn......this should be interesting
so back to the lesson it was in the indoor arena because it was raining cats and dogs outside. and India was really good during warm up and if horses could speak it would have sounded like this "yes ma'am........yes ma'am.........ummm not a chance... *WHOMP*.....yes ma'am"
yeah...she needs some tough love every once in while.
then my lesson got started and it was quick-rapid-fire-drill-Sergent-trainer, each command came two seconds after the last one. and it sounded like this shoulder-in...half-halt... walk...trot...shoulder-in...lengthen...what!!! did i hear that right?? Yep India did her first baby lengthening today!!! Yeah!!! and if i might add, she did really well. It only took us three tries to get it right.
then we moved on to canter work, and did a couple walk canters then back down to trot. Then trainer announces (loudly i might add) that we are going to be working on canter-walks, the epitome of awesomeness. This one took longer than the lengthenings did about 6 tries before we got two really amazing ones. she was cantering then boom we're walking. i am so happy!!!
ever since the last mary clinic when i saw ms. A do one, its been my ultimate goal to do a canter-walk...and i just did one!!! i'm so excited!!!.......can you tell??

my expectations are low ok?? that way i'm never dissapointed, but this one was least for me anyway......YEAH!!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that is a low expectation at all..Canter/walk is impossible if you aren't a very trained horse!

Good job

And lucky you having awesome trainer as your mom - I wish my mom could help me out with my riding!

Paigeley said...

wow you just made my day!! :D
i've been trying to keep my goals low since i'm training this horse myself.
i love having awesome trainer as my mommy, she's super-mom!