Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG I DID IT........

from this


i did it, i finally relaxed enough to let India really shine. i mean come on look at that she is gorgeous and the first picture is just blechh
she looks just like her daddy :)
except cuter...
and prettier...
and more compact...
and more colorful...
and......more huggable :)
and i el-oh-vee-ee her
she's amazing
i knew she was the whole time but now everyone can see it and i don't think I've gotten more compliments on her ever
all i heard was "she is so relaxed and happy she must really like dressage"
and "she is so pretty"
oh yes that she is

now what was i saying about FEI junior test??


oh yeah

watch out

there's a storm coming

there's a storm

practically a hurricane

but smaller
so i guess more like a tropical storm

see ya in 6 days :)

i love you indie <3


photogchic said...

Hey Paige...thanks for stopping by Equine Mine...I got you on the blog roll now. Looking forward to learning about you and India. I sure you are thrilled to see your progress just by looking at those two pics. Nice job!

Paigeley said...

why thank you!!!
i think it's so cool to be able to look at two pictures maybe a year apart and see a huge difference