Sunday, May 24, 2009


I really wish someone had taken a video of it. it must have looked like the video of the harness horses where they all run into each other.

there was a hunter/jumper show at my barn, i wasn't in it but i snuck into the warm-up ring, just to ride in the hectic warm-up ring, good show experience. India was being a very good girl, even though NONE of the people could turn their horses without using a fence. They were all up in my space!!

There was one poor girl, i don't know who put her on this horse, but they should have been slapped upside their head. She couldn't make him turn, trot, canter, stop, or jump. She had NO control at all. All this horse did was bolt, rear, buck, and refuse to go.

They had to lunge him for an hour, attempt to ride him for another hour, just to do an equitation class where he bolted four times and threatened to rear. She was obviously a green rider too. Didn't know what to do when he refused. Didn't know how to canter properly. And the only advice the trainer gave her was put your hand on your butt and kick him as hard as you can. Which only made him flip around in a circle.

So i was on Indie talking to my trainer, when she did that flipping thing RIGHT BEHIND me, ok well suprise suprise he was so wigged out, that he started to canter sideways(dunno how he did it, it wasn't a leg yield, it was sideways, cantering SIDEWAYS)

He ran right into India's butt, India almost fell down, but recovered and took off cantering. Lucky i didn't fall off, cause when i got india to stop he was still cantering sideways. I'm serious it was one of the scaryiest things ever. If India had fallen down i'm pretty sure he would have run right over us and made a Paige and India flavored pancake. (i think we would have tasted pretty good honestly, yum....pancakes :)

So other than nearly dieing, it was a pretty good day :)


smellshorsey said...

You were lucky not to be hurt. Horses and people get killed in those crazy situations. I heard that happened in Wellington (Florida) when two horses collided in the warm-up.

Paigeley said...

woah i never heard about that one!!

that horse and rider combo was a disaster waiting to just happened behind me

photogchic said...

Hi Paigeley..thanks for stopping by Equinemine..I will get you on the blog roll! So far (knock on wood) no movement hops...she seems great. I still worry everyday..I don't take one sound day for granted. We did a pretty intensive recovery...8 months of stall movement, a molded hoof pad inside a 4-clip shoe covered with a removable metal plate. I will read up on your blog...did any of your horses have a fractured coffin bone?

Paigeley said...

my horse india fractured her coffin bone
but hers was not that bad
she had the special shoes and was on stall rest from october to january
but so far she hasn't had any problems, she isn't allowed to jump yet, but i'm thinking about getting an x-ray to see how it's healed
i'm always paranoid about her, and have been known to run out and take her in if she's running too hard.
by the way, i really enjoy reading about maddy!