Monday, January 19, 2009


(top left: mmaaaammmmmaaaaa i wanna quit!!!) (top right: maybe if i put my head down she won't make me canter....(unfortunatly that one worked)
so today mrs. annie and me decided to long rein indie and as you can see she was a very good girl although she did try and convince me that long reining wasn't nessecary and i should just go feed her. my job was to run behind her and tap her with the whip when she got lazy and i can tell you right now running behind lazy horse with a whip and trying to take pictures is REALLY hard, heres how you do it #1 have camera in one hand and whip in the other #2 run really fast while tapping horse on butt #3 stop and take a couple pictures #4 run really fast again to catch up
i swear i saw indie roll her eyes at me!!
(dorothys coming tomarrow)

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